Meet Han Chen at Starbucks coffee in Shanghai

It was a cozy Monday afternoon when I first saw Han Chen, at a starbucks coffee room near Zhong Shan Park, in Shanghai.

Born in Guangxi, China, She left for United States at an early age. Now she lives in Tampa, Florida and has lived in China since 2010. She earned a Masters in International Development from the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University, and a B.A. from American University.

About one month ago, Han contacted us through Sina Weibo online service, which is a popular social tool in China. She professionally explained what she was doing in China, and what she thought about our podcast, SuanCai News Podcast.

Doing news podcast in mainland is not a wise choice, cause there’re too many red lines not to cross.You can not rely on any specific rules that you can obbey, and the rules protect you in return.

Han Chen spent a lot of time travelling in this great land, discovering some interesting place, and finally came to a conclusion that there’s probably no entrepreneur or government organation that could give her an offer.

“I major in public policy and social media, and I think going back to United States is a better choice.” she enjoyed the starbucks coffee and said to us.Think Tank has not been widely recognised as a nessecery vocation for most companies in China.

“Tonight I will take a flight from Pudong airport to HongKong, then I will go back to my home in the US.” Han Chen smiled.”If you are curious about Homosexual culture, Maybe I can offer you some names, and you can call them for any help.”

We drank up the rest of coffee in the bottle and said Goodbye.


宅男杀手:Madison Alexis和她的歌


答:”Hey,Soul Sister”


答:Madison Alexis,美国妞,1993年生。


答:夏日午后,清风,美女,胖猪,长椅,一肥一瘦,相得益彰。她在一个很美的地方。网友们注意到此女上衣印有SMU字样,应为南卫理公会大学(Southern Methodist University),进而猜测拍摄地可能为校园某处。