linode vultr vps安装windows系统教程

在欧美vps安装windows系统,主要用途是: 外贸业务人员,远程操作获得国外IP用于刷单,通常是美国亚马逊Amazon商家; 安装Windows系统支持的软件工具。国外Windows VPS主机价格昂贵,毕竟国外保护版权,Windows VPS包含了给微软的授权费用。于是,选择Lin...

download statistics of podcast

It’s not an easy job to answer questions about the statistics of a podcast. Let me explain as simple as I can, cause it’s really a technical matter.
Apple’s iTunes Store doesn’t offer download statistics of a podcast, and it also does not supply storage of audio files. What iTunes Store do offer is a category of podcasts, you can treat it just as an index of podcasts all around the world. We rely on iTunes because of its popularity. iPhone users are growing, and we can gain more listeners around the globe.