DigitalOcean官方Q&A: SSD优势

1 谁适合用DigitalOcean? DigitalOcean为程序员提供了良好的测试平台,方便他们快速部署应用,个性化定制vps服务器性能。 DigitalOcean is platform developed for developers who need to launch and scale their applications quickly. Additionally, DigitalOcean provides the perfect environment for developers to play around on the command line and learn more about customizing their own servers. 2 DigitalOcean独家优势有哪些?

美国四大VPS: DigitalOcean Linode 亚马逊AWS Rackspace价格对比

美国四大顶级云主机商:DigitalOcean 、Linode 、AWS 、Rackspace在一起比价格、比配置,会是怎样的情况?DigitalOcean在官网贴出了价格表,意图很明显,爷就跟你玩低价!抢人家的客户,哎! 主机商 DigitalOcean Linode 亚马逊AWS Rackspace 价格Price $20/mo $40/mo $60/mo $58.40/mo 内存RAM 2GB 2GB 1.7GB 2GB 流量Bandwidth 2¢ per GB if over 3,000GB 10¢ per GB if over 4,000 GB 12¢ per GB if over 1GB/mo 18¢ per GB if over bandwidth out 安装时间Spin Up Time 55 sec 2-3 min 10 min […]

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