DigitalOcean官方Q&A: SSD优势

1 谁适合用DigitalOcean?


DigitalOcean is platform developed for developers who need to launch and scale their applications quickly. Additionally, DigitalOcean provides the perfect environment for developers to play around on the command line and learn more about customizing their own servers.

2 DigitalOcean独家优势有哪些?

DigitalOcean VPS

Digitalocean提供性能强悍的硬件,同时保持业界最低的价格。所有digitalocean vps使用SSD固态硬盘,入门套餐有512MB内存,月费5美元。digitalocean机房在纽约、SFO、阿姆斯特丹、新加坡。

DigitalOcean offers significantly better hardware at the lowest price in the industry. All of the DigitalOcean servers come on SSD drives, and the smallest plan ($5 a month/$0.007 an hour) is 512MB. DigitalOcean has servers in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

3 SSD云主机相比共享主机的好处有哪些?


DigitalOcean users can have their personal cloud server spun up and active in 55 seconds. Each box comes with full root access, a choice of distributions, and the ability to customize the setup.

digitalocean price

4 SSD云主机相比独立服务器的优点是什么?


DigitalOcean allows on the fly scaling—a task that is much more difficult on a dedicated box. Changing the amount of RAM on a box can be done with a simple reboot, while expanding the disk size takes less than an hour. The same process can take hours or days with a dedicated setup.

5 价格逆天!DigitalOcean赚钱吗?


We are able to make enough profit to keep the lights on 🙂

6 你们有推广计划吗?


Yes we do! Customers can refer their friends and earn $10 in account credits or payout. Click here to learn more about how our referral program works.

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