visit Van Gogh in London

The reason why I paid a visit to Tate Britain gallery is pretty simple: to shoot a picture of the starry night over the Rhone, and send it to my beloved one far away in Shanghai.

I don’t know why exactly I got distracted quite often during the past three months. It seems that there will always be lures around me whenever I need to pursue a higher course.

The Vietnamese girl, who said I’m the only friend she could talk to in London, really put me into a dilemma. The nasty German philosopher said biology is stronger than reason. Luckily, I resisted the temptation to have adult fun with her.

The thought of taking advantage of someone who loves you, somehow makes me feel gross. Not because of I’m a noble man, actually I’m not, but because I felt what a miserable slave of gene I am. We’re programed to receive, but I try to quit this silly animal game.

I also spent quite a lot time drifting on eBay searching vintage film cameras, nearly forgot the Canon 600D DSLR I used to have. I barely took any photos with that machine. Do I genuinely love photography? no certain answer yet.

I browsed recent pictures of Ms. Ma. She is still a charming and alluring creature on earth. Maybe She will enjoy a fruitful modern life with a guy matching her criteria, it doesn’t matter. Bless her.

Never look closer at anyone. You will upset yourself. Human beings share too many things in common. How I wish I could be honest with myself, and my soul free from tortures.

2 thoughts on “visit Van Gogh in London

  1. picture you shot will be a truthful messenger of your love to her, but substandard, as conveying the original Van Gogh. :)p

  2. I’ve always sensed you a pessimisive person in your many thoughts. I guess you would much differ, and tried to define the word pessmive, but still. And most of the times too rational to love.

    As much as I dislike you I think you a worthy person to read and to understand for without you I would never thing those ideas could ever existed in anybody’s thoughts.

    Thanks for posting your days and thoughts. They are very interesting to read.

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